Teachers/Lectures​ Positions

eLearning Curriculum Specialist – Economics

Job Description

We are currently seeking a contract / project-based – Curriculum Specialist with a successful track record as a reliable, committed, and creative worker. This individual will be responsible for updating, writing, and content creation, specifically in the field of Economics, specifically CLEP Principles Of Microeconomics and CLEP Principles Of Macroeconomics.

Preference is to be given to those familiar with CLEP  exams or the equivalent thereof.  

This position reports directly to the eLearning Curriculum Supervisor.

(Up to 10 USD an hour)


  • Develop a curriculum framework and audit existing courses
  • Proofread study guides and edit according to examination guidelines
  • Develop chapters for study guides from existing course work.
  • Collaborate with Instructors to improve curriculum design continuously and delivery
  • Develop engaging eLearning material
  • Stay abreast of eLearning trends that can better prepare and motivate students
  • Updating and re-writing of economics courses

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in the relevant field
  • Economics experience
  • Proficiency in English / High Level of English
  • Tech-savvy and highly capable of navigating and improving an eLearning environment
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines
  • Knowledge of curriculum design and development trends and processes
  • Strong critical thinking and decision-making skills
  • Thrives in an independent, fast-paced work environment

Proficient with Microsoft Office and Google Workspace productivity software


About the Role

We are seeking a Learning Support & Student Mentor with a successful track record as a reliable, committed, and encouraging tutor who has worked with adults in their career in an eLearning environment. This individual will have various responsibilities involving coaching, tutoring, project management, and reporting on progress. This position reports directly to the Customer Experience Manager.

The overall goal of this position is to monitor and support our customers’ personal, social, and academic development, as well as provide advice and assistance on their studies.


Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Provide guidance, advice, feedback, and support to engaged customers
  • Identify hurdles that customers face in their daily lives
  • Develop materials specific to their customer’s needs
  • Tutor customers based on their subject needs
  • Establish goals and objectives for their mentees
  • Stay abreast of eLearning trends that can better prepare and motivate customers.
  • Work with colleagues to review learners’ progress and contribute to reviews.

Desired Skills & Experience: 

  • Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in the relevant field
  • Two years of experience in adult education or support
  • Tech-savvy and highly capable of navigating an eLearning environment
  • The ability to inspire and motivate others, make good decisions, manage time and resources effectively, and build and maintain positive relationships
  • The ability to work well in a team and coordinate with other mentors and instructors
  • Strong critical thinking and decision-making skills
  • Great English and communication/interpersonal skills
  • Proficient with Google Workspace productivity software

Job Details:


Schedule: Flexible – with the ability to overlap at least 8 hours during an 8:00 -11:00 PM EST workday.

(Your hours are chosen by yourself, but they have to occur between these times)

Type: Remote

Chemistry Lecturer

Achieve Test Prep is seeking an eLearning Substitute Chemistry Instructor to prepare customers to test out of the traditional 6 credit, Chemistry course and keep them motivated on their journey to earn their college degrees.

Requirements & Skills

  • A Bachelor’s degree in chemistry or other related Science courses.

  • Good understanding of atomic and periodic trends, nuclear chemistry, chemical reactions, thermodynamics, equilibrium, compounds, and molecules.

  • Three or more years of experience teaching Chemistry with at least one year of virtual teaching

  • Experience working with Learning Management Systems, Zoom, Google doc, Google slides, and other eLearning applications

  • Ability to teach different types of learners in real time in a manner that helps them understand

  • Excellent audience engagement skills

  • Strong Internet connection, a functional computer, and a noise-canceling headset

  • Efficiency, professionalism, and dependability

  • Schedule: under 20 hours per week; availability to teach classes on weekdays and weekends, Morning, Afternoon, and Evenings

  • Thorough knowledge of teaching best practices with a willingness to follow Achieve Test Prep’s eLearning  policies and procedures

Schedule: Part-time, under 20 hours per week; available to teach classes on weekdays and weekends, Morning, Noon, and Evenings

Math Instructor

Your main responsibilities include:

  • Design, develop, maintain and troubleshoot data pipelines. We use open-source Airbyte, Prefect and dbt on top of BigQuery.
  • Ensure quality of data sources by writing tests, debugging data inaccuracies and inconsistencies.
  • Collaborate with business stakeholders and the analytics team to design and develop end-to-end data solutions — while balancing business requirements, cost, security, and performance.
  • Participate in code reviews to promote a high standard of work across the team.
  • Develop our internal tools, processes, and workflows to help us deliver more efficiently to business stakeholders.

About you

The ideal candidate for this role:

  • Has 2+ years of experience in data engineering or a similar role, and has set up or run the infrastructure needed to orchestrate data pipelines
  • Is proficient in Git or another distributed source control system
  • Is proficient in an object-oriented programming language
  • Prides themselves on writing performant, easy-to-read SQL
  • Has set up or worked with parts of the modern data stack
  • Able to extract requirements from even the most complex of business questions. You know how important iterating on analyses is, to stay close to business needs.
  • Is knowledgeable about QA and building trust in data.
  • Is detail-oriented and has a mature attitude to documentation, security, and process — all of which are important and inform everything we do.
  • Worked in a SaaS, product or e-commerce company before.
  • Fluent in English, both written and spoken. You prefer to over- vs under-communicate. You like transparency, openness, and asking questions.