Interview Tips : Literature

Online interview advice
The notion of getting an online job may come with many misconceptions of the level of professionalism which Is required of you. You may think it’s ok to go to work in pajamas or in your birthday suit, but there is actually a school of thought that you should always dress, not just to represent who you are, but the person you are trying to become. This also holds for the interview. An interview is the company’s window into you, and your working environment. You should always want to give the perception that you are giving 100% at all times and you take your role seriously. Here are some things that you should consider when you are preparing a space for your interview:  
    1. Your background
    2. Your walls should be plain, clean, with no patterns, no paintings. If there is a window, there should be a blind or muted curtain covering it, in the event that a distraction appears during your interview.
    1. Your environment
    2. Your environment should be silent. There should be no children playing in the background, no television, no music, no talking, no washing of wares, no machinery whatsoever in your background. You want the employers to know that you can arrange SILENCE, for important meetings or during work hours.
    1. Attire
    2. Ladies must wear corporate business attire. A solid-coloured jacket over a shirt, turtle neck, or dress. There should be no patterned attire, no loud colours, muted make up, no cleavage. Your hair should be properly groomed. No fly aways. Gentlemen must wear a long sleeve shirt and tie with or without a jacket. Solid colours. Facial hair, eyebrows and hair on head must be neat in appearance. No fly aways if your hair is long. Please wear pants.
    1. Lighting
    2. Make sure you are in a well-lit area. Darkened rooms give off an ominous projection and can turn off your employers and customers.
    1. Camera Angle
    2. Keep your camera at a 180° angle or straight ahead of your face. You should NEVER be looking down at your camera. Consider using books to prop up your laptop to ensure that you can achieve the 180° angle. Keep the camera 2ft- 4ft away from your face. Test your microphone and headset before the start of the interview.
    1. Non-Verbals
    2. Many times, we use our hands to speak. This is 100% unacceptable to do this during an interview. Keep your hands on your lap while you speak. Practice this. Be aware of your facial expressions while speaking. Try to keep your face muted with a slight smile in between questions. If you are not funny, do not make jokes. There is a culture difference with the hiring companies, and it may be too risky to make a joke that they may not be able to appreciate.